lead your unit, discover new breed, harvest their delicious drops to raise strong defenses and feed your elite troop to avoid your inevitable destruction

I recommend you download the desktop version

 (it runs terribly on HTML5 due to lack of optimization on my part)

this is an RTS/defence game with crossbreeding, you have to protect the core from regular wave that come every 112 second (the time of the music) 

every so often your critter will drop some item those can be used to create wall, tree and other various trap(depending on their type)

your critter will also need to eat,(they do so automatically) the one your starting with eat off the ground(rocks and bushes), but your hybrids ones will require to be fed drop from one of his parents
(they are 5 different critter, discover them all !)

when a critter has pink particule around it (like at the beginning) you can breed them, select one and right click on an other to make them breed , the offspring is already ready to breed so you can chain breed and quickly get your ideal setup, depending on your tactic

critter have three stat that you need to maintain:

their happiness which is dictated by their hunger and health
receives  a buff when bred, so keep them breeding

their health which regen based on hunger and happiness

and their hunger which slowly decrease (though there is plenty of food don't worry about )

if an enemy gets to the core they will deal a damage, don't worry you can heal it back up : WITH A SACRIFICE, you can order a units to die for the core by right clicking on it with unit selected

if the core dies you can no longer breed your critter and the enemy will try to wipe them


left click select unit(either through drag  or direct click)/pickup drop

right click: use item to build wall, trees or traps
or order unit to move, to breed,  to target an enemy or to sacrifice itself to heal the core

wasd and mouse wheel to control the camera


music: Fragile by AHimitsu and a journey awaits ! by pbondoer

character design was made by badC4T which did a wonderful job , though you can't see it because:

art were made by a friend who also did the animation
but just like the avatar when he was needed the most he vanished
(for the last 3 days -_- )
(so I had to use the same image between all critter and most of the traps don't look like they where meant to be, that is why graphics are inconsistent)


1_fluffy_defender_Linux_1.5.zip 24 MB
1_fluffy_defender_mac_1.5.zip 24 MB
1_fluffy_defender_Win_1.5.zip 22 MB

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